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The Geese & The Ghost

The Geese & The Ghost (1977)

Ant's debut solo album.  Includes contributions from Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and John Hackett.


Wise After The Event

Wise After The Event (1978)

Contributors include Michael Giles on drums, John G. Perry on bass and Mel Collins on flute and sax.  Produced by Rupert Hine.

Private Parts & Pieces

Private Parts & Pieces (1978)

A Collection of Guitar and Piano Solos, Duets and Ensembles 1972-1976



Sides (1979)

Contributors again include Michael Giles, John G. Perry and Mel Collins.  Also produced by Rupert Hine.


Back To The Pavilion

Private Parts & Pieces II: Back To The Pavilion (1980)

Includes guest appearances from Mike Rutherford, Andy McCulloch and Mel Collins



1984 (1981)

An electronic keyboard-based instrumental suite



Private Parts & Pieces III: Antiques (1982)

A collection of Guitar Duets and Ensembles

Recorded in collaboration with Enrique Berro Garcia

Invisible Men

Invisible Men (1983)

Songs in a contemporary style

Written and recorded in collaboration with Richard Scott

A Catch At The Tables

Private Parts & Pieces IV: A Catch At The Tables (1984)

Instrumentals and a song recorded between 1979 and 1982



Private Parts & Pieces V: Twelve (1985)

A collection of pieces for solo 12-string guitar


Ivory Moon

Private Parts & Pieces VI: Ivory Moon (1986)

Piano pieces 1971-1985


Slow Waves, Soft Stars

Private Parts & Pieces VII: Slow Waves, Soft Stars (1987)

Atmospheric synthesiser soundscapes and acoustic guitar pieces


Finger Painting

Missing Links Volume One: Finger Painting (1989)

A collection of Television and Library Music 1979-89


Slow Dance

Slow Dance (1990)

The first album released under Ant's contract with Virgin Records.  

A large-scale instrumental work

New England

Private Parts & Pieces VIII: New England (1992)

Includes contributions from Martin Robertson and Joji Hirota


Sail The World (1994)

Ant's music for the Television coverage of the Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race

Re-issued in June 2010 as a re-mastered edition with three extra tracks, new artwork and sleeve notes.

The Sky Road

Missing Links Volume Two: The Sky Road (1994)

A collection of Archive, Commission and Unreleased Album Material


The Living Room Concert

The Living Room Concert (1995)

Ant's "live-in-studio" performance for the Echoes "Living Room Concert" radio programme


Dragonfly Dreams

Private Parts & Pieces IX: Dragonfly Dreams (1996)

Includes new tracks recorded in collaboration with Enrique Berro Garcia


Archive Collection Volume One

Archive Collection Volume One (1998)

A collection of previously unreleased material dating back to 1969



Private Parts & Pieces X: Soirée (1999)

A collection of pieces for solo piano


Radio Clyde

Radio Clyde (2003)

Ant's radio session recorded for Radio Clyde in the summer of 1978 to promote Wise After The Event


Archive Collection Volume 2

Archive Collection Volume Two (2004)

A 2 CD collection of previously unreleased pieces and variations recorded between 1971 and 1988.


Field Day (2005)

A double album of acoustic pieces.

Missing Links Volume Four: Pathways & Promenades (2009)

The fourth volume in the Missing Links series brings together most of the tracks by Ant that have only previously been released on compilations together with a selection of previously unreleased Library Music pieces.

Ahead of the Field

Ahead of the Field (2010)

A retrospective commercial release of a 1985 Library album that Ant composed for music publishers De Wolfe. 



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