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Enrique Berro Garcia was born in Argentina and started teaching himself guitar in his early teens, playing with a number of amateur bands at Buenos Aires teenagers parties and learning piano in his spare time.  Aged 20, Quique joined the Argentinean band Safari just three weeks before they recorded "Estoy Hecho Un Demonio", one of the biggest selling singles in Argentine pop history.

Despite this big success, the group didn't last long in it's original line-up and Quique decided to widen his musical frontiers by spending three years at the Manuel de Falla school of music where he studied guitar, piano and harmony.  At the same time he played with a group called Zatrapa which included cover versions of Genesis and Beatles songs in their repertoire.  In 1978 Quique came to London for the first time before touring Spain with Argentine pop star Roque Narvaja.

On returning to London, he decided on a different approach and enrolled at the Guildhall School of Music in order to study a number of subjects including orchestral conducting, guitar and piano.  He also attended the Chigihana classical guitar seminar in Italy with classical guitarist Alirio Diaz.  Quique found himself totally immersed in the study of music and frequently spent four to five hours a day practising in addition to the time he spent studying. 

Ant & Quique, February 2002

Dining with friends one night, Quique met record producer Rupert Hine who was working with Ant on the Sides album at Trident Studios.  Being a fan of Ant's music, Quique asked if he could attend one of the sessions, and found himself introduced to Ant the following week during the mixing session for the album.  At the end of the session Quique picked up a guitar and played "Collections" from The Geese & The Ghost brilliantly.  Ant felt that he should be Quique's fan!  The two of them soon became friends and they began work on composing some original material which eventually became the basis for the Antiques album, released in 1982.

In late 1981, Quique returned to Buenos Aires and continued to work as a session musician.  In April 1986 he made a return visit to the UK and recorded some new music with Ant which found a home the following year on Slow Waves, Soft Stars.  Another nine years were to pass before Quique was able to meet up with Ant again for further writing and recording sessions, the results of which appeared on Dragonfly Dreams.

In between working as a session musician and teaching music, Quique has recorded a number of acoustic guitar pieces which make up his first solo album released by Blueprint Records in Spring 2003.  Now resident in Madrid, Quique hopes that the future will bring further opportunities to work with Ant on writing and recording new material.



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