Invisible Men

Originally released: 24th October 1983 (US), March 1984 (UK)

A collaboration between Ant and Richard Scott

Produced by Trevor Vallis, Anthony Phillips & Richard Scott

Cover design: Stephen Marsh

CD re-issues include three extra tracks


Track Listing

1. Golden Bodies (3:16)

2. The Women Were Watching (4:46)

3. Traces (4:49)

4. Exocet (3:19)

5. Love In A Hot Air Balloon (3:42)

6. Going For Broke (3:30)

7. Falling For Love (3:33)

8. Sally (3:53) Lyrics

9. I Want Your Heart (3:51)

10. Guru (4:42) Lyrics

11. It's Not Easy (4:47)

12. My Time Has Come (4:46) Lyrics

13. Trail of Tears (5:31) (CD re-issue only)

14. The Ballad of Penlee (3:35) (CD re-issue only)

15. Alex (5:39) (CD re-issue only)

All tracks composed by Anthony Phillips and Richard Scott
except Sally, Guru and My Time Has Come - composed by Anthony Phillips



Anthony Phillips: Vocals, Strat, Polymoog, Bass, ARP 2600, Organ, Piano, Colorama Electric Guitar, Yari Classical Guitar, Jupiter 8, Rickenbacker Electric 12-String, Mellotron, Editing Block, Tubular Bells, Fender Rhodes, Les Paul Guitar.

Richard Scott: Roland 808, Vocals, Scamp, Strat, Vocoder, Switches, Gate, Street Noises, Binoculars, Windows.

Paul Robinson: Drums

Bimbo Acock: Saxes

Morris Pert: Tambourine, Kalimba,

Joji Hirota: Marimabas, Wood Blocks, Tambourine, Timps, Shakers, Jawbone, Cabasa, Bell-Tree

Martin Robertson: Soprano Saxophone

Uti Koofreh: Backing Vocals

Jeff Dunne: Drums

Martin Drover: Trumpet, Flugelhorn solo

Vic Stench: Bass, Contrabass, Camp Bass

Malcolm Griffiths: Trombone

Ralph Bernascone: Sarrusaphone

Jonathan Snowden: Piccolo

The Vicar: Church Organ.


Note: Both the US and the UK release of the album had one track different on each release and the CD re-issue has a totally different running order.  To accommodate these variations, the track listing for each format is listed here.

Original UK/US album release details

LP issues

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
US (October 1983) Passport Records PB 6023
UK (March 1984) Street Tunes Records STLP 0013

NB: The US and UK LP releases had different cover designs.

Cassette issue

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
US (October 1983) Passport Records PBC 6023

LP Track Listing

Side One:    Side Two:
Sally (3:53)    I Want Your Heart (3:51)    
Golden Bodies (3:16)   Falling For Love (3:33)
Going For Broke (3:30) Guru (4:42)
Exocet * (3:19)   The Women Were Watching (4:46)
Love in A Hot Air Balloon (3:42) My Time Has Come (4:46)
Traces (4:49)

* Replaced by It´s Not Easy (4:47) on UK release

CD re-issues:

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (1991) Virgin Records CDOVD 323
Japan (1991) Virgin Records VJCP-23050
UK (1995) Blueprint Records BP211CD
Japan (July 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7243 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)



12" Single released from this album

Sally / The Women Were Watching / Exocet

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Street Tunes Records JJ 102-12 (picture sleeve)

NB: There was no corresponding 7" single release 

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