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 Common questions
 Our Frequently Asked Questions page has answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about Anthony and his music.


  Availability of CDs
 Our Buyers Guide has information about which of Ant's CDs are currently available.  


 Scores and sheet music

The only scores of Ant's music that have been published are those included in the Six Pieces For Guitar collection, which is now out-of-print.

Please note that no scores or sheet music of any of Ant's compositions are currently available.

It is unlikely that any more scores of Ant's music (guitar, piano or orchestral) will be made available in the foreseeable future.  



For practical reasons we're sorry but we cannot help with requests for signed photos or autographs.  


Promotional copies of albums

Requests for promotional copies of Ant's albums for review or radio play by legitimate media outlets should be sent to Ant's record company Esoteric Recordings.



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