Private Parts & Pieces XI: City of Dreams

The new album from Anthony Phillips 

Floating World VP556CD

Release date: 3rd December 2012


December 2012 sees the release of City of Dreams - a brand new album release from Ant which is the eleventh in the Private Parts & Pieces series.

City of Dreams takes the listener through a number of moods ranging from the epic to the reflective via atmospheric soundscapes to create a rich and ultimately rewarding journey for the imagination.  On several of the tracks the emphasis is on mood and atmosphere, whilst other pieces reflect a sense of the activity in a busy urban environment.  Antís effortless ability to create a series of beguiling and inventive musical landscapes is highlighted throughout the album.

For over thirty years the Private Parts & Pieces albums have been delighting and intriguing music lovers.  As the latest instalment in the series, City of Dreams highlights further facets of Antís unique melodic style and provides ample demonstration of his considerable talent.  

City of Dreams is available to order from Amazon now.

Track listing

1. City of Dreams I 2. Piledriver 3. King of the Mountains 4. Coral Island 5. Astral Bath 6. City of Dreams II 7. Air & Grace 8. Mystery Train I 9. Tuscan Wedding 10. Sunset Pools 11. Sea & Sardinia 12.Watching While You Sleep 13. Night Owl 14. The Deep 15. City of Dreams III 16. Mystery Train II 17. Star's End 18. Desert Flower 19. Night Train to Novrogod 20. Sea of Tranquility 21. 39 Steps 22. Lake of Fire  23. Realms of Gold  24. City of Dreams IV 25. Days of Yore 26. Across the Steppes 27. Act of Faith 28. Grand Master 29. Mystery Train III  30. Anthem for Doomed Youth  31. The Homecoming