Quique Berro Garcia: Sueños (Dreams)


Performed & produced by Quique Berro Garcia

Executive producer: Anthony Phillips

Released: 23rd June 2003

Cover artwork by Cos León

Blueprint Records BP352CD


Track Listing

Composers names in brackets:

1. Adios Nonino (A. Piazzola)
2. Nocturne (Anthony Phillips)
3. Horizons (Steve Hackett)
4. Tema Para Cos (Quique Berro Garcia)
5. Dreams (Quique Berro Garcia)
6. Field of Eternity (Anthony Phillips)
7. Otoño (Quique Berro Garcia)
8. Allegro (J. S. Bach)
9. Muir Woods (Andrew York)
10. Cavatina (Stanley Myers)
11. Gymnopedie (Erik Satie)
12. Prelude in D Minor (J.S. Bach)
13. Sarabande (J.S. Bach)
14. Doble (J.S. Bach)
15. Pavane for a  Dead Infant (M. Ravel)
16. Jorge Da Fusa (Annibal Augusto Sradinha)



Quique Berro Garcia: Classical guitar, 12-string guitar, keyboards

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