Since the publication of Driving Over Lemons in 1999 there has been a lot of media interest in Chris and his books.  In this section we detail the readings of Driving Over Lemons and A Parrot In The Pepper Tree in the Book of the Week slot on BBC Radio 4.  

Book of the Week: Driving Over Lemons

These readings of extracts from Chris' first book tied in nicely with the publication of the book and no doubt helped to raise it's profile.  Unfortunately Chris' wife's name was mis-pronounced throughout these readings - although spelt Ana (in keeping with the Spanish spelling), it's pronounced Anna.

The readings proved popular enough to warrant a repeat broadcast nearly a year later but in the late-night A Book At Bedtime slot instead.  The readings have also been repeated on the BBC digital radio station BBC7.

BBC Radio 4 transmission schedule

Programme Original transmission date Repeat transmission date
One 31st May 1999 1st May 2000
Two 1st June 1999 2nd May 2000
Three 2nd June 1999 3rd May 2000
Four  3rd June 1999 4th May 2000
Five 4th June 1999 5th May 2000


Reader: Mick Ford

Original music composed and performed by Stuart Hall

Producer: Sara Jane Hall

Book of the Week: A Parrot In The Pepper Tree

These readings of Chris second book again featured actor Mick Ford as the reader.  This time Ana's name was pronounced correctly!

The readings have also been repeated on BBC7

BBC Radio 4 transmission schedule

Programme Transmission date
One 26th August 2002
Two 27th August 2002
Three 28th August 2002
Four 29th August 2002
Five 30th August 2002


Reader: Mick Ford

Producer: Merilyn Harris